About us and our peculiarities

We would like to mention and describe to you some basic characteristics related to the old town of Punat, as well as some basic information about us as accommodation owners on the beautiful Krk Island. We will try to point out why we belive that our accommodation would be ideal for your vacation and why would staying with us ensure all those amenities which make someone's holiday pleasant, safe and comfortable.

Punta - grb

Punat is located on the Island of Krk in the northern part of Adriatic sea. The island is situated 150 km from the Croatian capital, Zagreb and is just a 2,5 hour drive away... is one of the affiliated resorts for tourists from Central Europe.

Crkvica sveti Dunat

According to history, this area was already settled in prehistoric times by Greeks, Romans and Illyrians. In the document "Villa di Ponte" from the year 1377 the name of the place is mentioned for the first time. Puntarian area was populated, according to documents, by dukes of Krk - family Frankopan, to protect Punat bay and hinterland of Krk town.


Our apartments are located in the center of Punat, about 100 meters from the sea and the coast. In the nearby there are numerous restaurants, cafes, pastry shops, small shops, a supermarket and a pharmacy. The closest beach is only a 10 minute walk.

We are proud to say that the most of our guests keep coming back and gladly recommends us to their friends, which speaks of our hospitality and the their pleasant stay.